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LH 95 Stellar Nursery Quick shop

Known as LH 95, this star-forming region resides within Large Magellanic Cloud, a much smaller, 160,000 light-years distant "baby" galaxy that is slowly merging with our own Mil...

LH 95 Stellar Nursery

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Omega Centauri III Quick shop

The globular star cluster Omega Centauri has caught the attention of sky watchers ever since the ancient astronomer Ptolemy first cataloged it 2,000 years ago. Ptolemy, however,...

Omega Centauri III

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Star Cluster 47 Tucanae Quick shop

This bright cluster of stars is 47 Tucanae (NGC 104), shown here in an image taken by ESO’s VISTA (Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy) from the Paranal Observat...

Star Cluster 47 Tucanae

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Star Cluster Doradus Quick shop

Astronomers using data from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope caught two clusters full of massive stars that may be in the early stages of merging. The 30 Doradus Nebula is 170,000 ...

Star Cluster Doradus

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Star Cluster M15 Quick shop

Stars, like bees, swarm around the center of bright globular cluster M15. This ball of over 100,000 stars is a relic from the early years of our Galaxy, and continues to orbit t...

Star Cluster M15

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Star Cluster Messier 54 Quick shop

The object shown in this beautiful Hubble image, dubbed Messier 54, could be just another globular cluster, but this dense and faint group of stars was in fact the first globula...

Star Cluster Messier 54

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Star Cluster NGC 265 Quick shop

ASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has captured the most detailed image to date of the open star cluster NGC 265 in the Small Magellanic Cloud -- a sparkling set of gemstones in the s...

Star Cluster NGC 265

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Star Cluster Omega Centauri Quick shop

This is a Hubble Advanced Camera for Surveys image of the globular star cluster Omega Centauri. This image was used in a zoom animation highlighting the Omega Centauri Hubble re...

Star Cluster Omega Centauri

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Star Cluster Omega Centauri II Quick shop

The second released VST image may be the best portrait of the globular star cluster Omega Centauri ever made. Omega Centauri, in the constellation of Centaurus (The Centaur), is...

Star Cluster Omega Centauri II

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Star Cluster Palomar 2 Quick shop

Globular clusters are relatively common in our sky, and generally look similar. However, this image, taken using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, shows a unique example of s...

Star Cluster Palomar 2

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Star Cluster Pleiades Quick shop

The brilliant stars seen in this image are members of the popular open star cluster known as the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters. The Hubble Space Telescope's Fine Guidance Sensors r...

Star Cluster Pleiades

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Star Cluster Trumpler 14 Quick shop

Some of the Milky Way's "celebrity stars" — opulent, attention-getting, and short-lived — can be found in this Hubble Space Telescope image of the glittering star cluster called...

Star Cluster Trumpler 14

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Star Cluster Westerlund Quick shop

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image of the cluster Westerlund 2 and its surroundings has been released to celebrate Hubble’s 25th year in orbit and a quarter of a century...

Star Cluster Westerlund

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